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Refi Rate Guide Mortgage provides an online service that matches consumers searching for mortgage products with appropriate lenders. By providing a summary of your financial situation, Refi Rate Guide will connect you with relevant loan companies who can provide eligible loans for you and your financial situation. Whether you wish to purchase a new mortgage or refinance, Refi Rate Guide has options for you. Simply complete a quick and easy online application form and connect with their network of trusted lenders within minutes to find the best solution for you.

Eligibility Process

Are you looking to take out a new home mortgage or finance an existing one? Rather than spending hours endlessly scrolling through comparison sites, Refi Rate Guide will do this for you by retrieving some personal information and matching you with appropriate lenders. As this is a matching service and not a direct lender, eligibility criteria will differ depending on which mortgage loan company you go with. In order to use this free comparison service with the Refi Rate guide, you must first ensure that you are at least 18 years old, a resident of the United State, and are able to legally enter into an agreement.

Once you have confirmed these requirements, you can then enjoy this easy online service to find suitable mortgage loans for you. By simply providing some basic information including your full name, contact details, credit score, and zip code, you are already on the way to the financial assistance you need for your new home.

Refi Rate Guide will then share this information with their network of trusted lenders before emailing you eligible lending companies that match your conditions. The rest is up to you. Once you decide which option is most beneficial for you and your circumstances, all communication will then be between you and the lending company.

Fees & Rates

Refi Rate Guide does not charge any fees for their service. If you decide to take out a mortgage product with one of the lenders they matched you with, they will receive a percentage from that company. This is how they cover running costs of their comparison site.

Due to the nature of the Refi Rate Guide, they do not have any control over loan terms including rates and fees. Before choosing a mortgage lender and signing any contracts you should have full fee transparency to avoid any unexpected payments. Each mortgage loan company will be different depending on your current credit score, income, initial down payment, outstanding payments, and property zip code. However, the following general terms apply for mortgage loans:

  • Loan types: Fixed-rate and variable-rate
  • Credit score: As Refi Rate Guide partners with an extensive list of lenders, all credit types are welcome.
  • Loan amount: No maximum loan amount
  • APR: This rate varies with lenders.
  • Penalty fees: The majority of lenders have a penalty fee in place for missed or late payments.

Repayment Terms

As with regular loan terms, repayment terms will also vary depending on which lender you choose. This should also be made clear before you commit to any contracts. Mortgage loan repayment terms typically range from 10, 15, 25, and 30-years.

Customer Support

If you wish to contact Refi Rate Guide with a compliment or complaint, you can do so by completing an online contact form that can be found on the official website. You can connect with the company about any issues or feedback you may have about the service. Their team of representatives will respond, however, this will be the only support they offer. If you have any loan issues or inquiries about terms and conditions, contact the lender directly who will have a professional customer care team in place to answer your questions.

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